Do I carpet under my cabinets in basement?

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Currently finishing basement. Everything is new. I need to make a decision on whether or not to carpet under my wetbar or should i lay the cabinets directly on the concrete floor?

Where to go to fix under my cabinets?

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My kitchen cabinet has what can best descibed as a gap in between the bottom of the cabinet and the baseboard. This gap runs along my entire kitchen cabinets (it’s U-shaped). When the heat is on I can feel air coming from the that gap but only when standing at the sink. Cosmetically it’s ok but I think some mice think it’s an invitation in. Can I fix this myself? Where do I start? Thanks!

Design Your Own Kitchen Island – You’ve Got More Space Than You Think

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What sets a kitchen off more than a kitchen island?  The answer is nothing.  The kitchen island has become a favorite design feature and can set the tone of the entire space.  If you don’t have one, you might consider adding one as it is not only utilitarian but adds significant value to your kitchen.

Don’t have enough space you say?  Well not all islands have to be monsters.  At a minimum, you want to have 3 feet separating your island from any wall or counter.  More is better with 4 feet being ideal.  With that in mind, grab a tape measure and see what kind of clearances you have and that will give you an idea of what sizes island you can build.

Next think about how you would use.  Remember there are two parts to it.  There’s the counter top that’s going to be visible but then you also have the cabinets below that can serve as storage or places to keep appliances.  Is this just going to be a food prep center?  Will you need a sink?  What kind of surface will you want on the top?  Will the microwave fit below?  How much space will you save on your existing countertops?

Once you’ve answered these questions and you have the dimensions that you think will work, draw the base of the island on a large piece of brown paper and cut it out.  Now you have something you can lay on the kitchen floor and get a good feel for how much space it will take up.

Once you have an idea as to size and purpose, then go to your favorite home improvement store and see if they can give you more ideas.  You may be able to do part of the work yourself but in all likely hood you’re going to need an electrician at least.  The last thing you want is a storage and work area that large without convenient access to power.

Also consider if the island can be viewed from other rooms.  Often the open design of homes allows some look at the kitchen.  You might consider adding a lip along the edge that faces the other room to hide the food prep mess or aftermath.

Once you have it built you’re going to love it.  Not only will it look great but it will make work in the kitchen so much easier.  If you have the space you really should consider adding a kitchen island.

What edible plants can be grown under kitchen cabinets with fluorescent lighting?

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My kitchen cabinets have fluorescent lights under them, and they are 18″ above the counter tops. Right now I have one small basil plant and it is doing extremely well. What else can I grow here that would do well? What would be the best herbs to grow in this short space? Are there any non-herbs ideal for this space? Much thanks.

How do I get a scared kitten out from under a cabinet that is too big to move?

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This is a feral kitty that we just brought home yesterday. She seemed to be getting acclimated in a box with a blanket and we were feeding her with an eyedropper. My husband left the top off the box for a few minutes and she climbed out to explore when he wasn’t looking. Now she’s too frightened to come out and she’s hiding under the base of a cabinet that is up against a wall. Short of taking this 500 lb cabinet apart, any suggestions? Wev’e left a saucer of milk out and she has fed from it, but only when wev’e been out of the house.

Space Saving Spice Racks

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I am one of those cooks who uses a lot of herbs and spices on a regular basis when cooking. One of the things I get really fed up about when I am cooking is trying to find the ingredients I need. The trouble with having a small kitchen is that there is nowhere to store those tiny jars and packets that hold cooking ingredients – and find them quickly! The obvious option, when you think about it, is to screw a rack to some available wall space and place small matching jars, containing various frequently used ingredients, on this rack. This is the basis behind one of my favorite spice rack and jar sets. Featuring the Butterfly Meadow collection inspired by Louise Le Luyer, this 7-piece set consists of a wooden rack and six spice jars, each one labelled for a different herb: basil, oregano, parsley, rosemary, sage, and thyme. I know these are herbs, but you get the idea – you can do the same with the various spices too.

Whenever anybody is at a loss to buy me a present, I tell them they can never go wrong if they get me a variety of herbs and spices. Apart from using them regularly, I love to look at them: to see their depths of color and tone. There are, however, literally hundreds of herbs and spices – if not thousands if you take into account various blends – so, before splurging out on a space saving spice rack or two, you really do need to consider very carefully where you are going to put it. Many people don’t like bits and pieces cluttering up their kitchen surfaces. If this is the case with you, the best place for a spice rack is attached to the wall. If you are one of those people who doesn’t like anything on view and prefers everything in the kitchen to be hidden away –  well, there is even an option for you as well.

The most important thing about a space saving spice rack is that it needs to be accessible. For the aficionados of ‘everything behind closed doors’ there is a spice rack and set of spice bottles that have been made to fit into a drawer: you just designate a specific drawer to store your spices so you can find them quickly. For those people, like me, who prefers spice racks to be attached to the wall, make sure you don’t place them too close to the cooker as the heat emitted from that could cause your spices’ potency to be reduced – and, since some of the best spices are quite expensive, you don’t want that to happen!

So, what selection do we have when it comes to a space saving spice rack? One idea, for spices sitting in the corner of a worktop, is a spice carousel. This is simply a wooden rack, usually rounded, that contains a number of small bottles, each one filled with a specific herb or spice. When you need to get a particular bottle, you just spin the carousel around on its pivot until you locate the bottle you need. This really is a great idea for a space saving spice rack as it can sit at the back of a little-used corner of your work counter, yet still be available as required.

Cheap Decorative Idea for Under Sink –currently no Cabinet- I am a renter?

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Hi I am a renter and in my apt the sink has no basin or cabinet I guess its called so the pipes are exposed. I have looked for something cheap that has a cutout for the pipes but I cannot find anything. Does anyone have any ideas ? Looking to spend no more that 70 dollars or so. I would also like to be able to store some things there so it has to be functional but I would prefer if it was not in the open.

Money Saving Kitchen Design Tips

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so we have compiled this money saving kitchen design tips feature to help you update your kitchen on a budget. And keep an eye out over the next few weeks as we add more to the list.

1.Do not automatically head to your kitchen retailer for new cabinets. Instead, sand them down and using thinned white house paint brush it over the surface. Wait a few moments and then wipe the surface. This will give you a fantastic mottled paint look that brings out the grain in your wood. Seal it with a wax for that quality finish

2. Pick up packs of Christmas Lights during the January sales and remove the coloured covers. The remaining white bulbs can then be tacked under cabinets and in hidden alcoves to add some cool new kitchen lighting.

3. Purchase some clear glass jars and store dry food in them such as pulses, nuts and seeds. This can add colour, texture and a ‘foodie’ feel to your kitchen design.

4. Create a kitchen wall border or some texture to your kitchen cabinets with a small piece of sponge and some paint. You can even add it to the hem of your curtains!

5. Create your own wooden cutting board by heading to the local builders’ merchants and asking for an off cut of pine or oak. Take it home a carefully sand it down using various grades of sandpaper. You can then varnish or stain it and smooth off any edges to create an ‘expensive’ cutting board.

6. Repaint the kitchen walls. It is amazing what difference a lick of paint can make. Think carefully about adding a new colour to the theme too as this can really bring your tired kitchen alive.

7. Add some fabric to the mix by looking for a new tablecloth or curtain design as this can be a very cost effective way of reinvigorating your kitchen space.

8. Create a fake stone look for your kitchen worktops by learning how to create a fauz stone finish using paints (Google: Faux Stone Finish). To do it you need to prime your worktops with a special primer and this needs to dry for several hours before you can then start painting over the top. The results can be very impressive.

What is the stinking smell from under the cabinet?

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Several days ago, we noticed a stinking smell coming from inside the cabinet in the bathroom. It smells almost like stale urine or a rotting carcass (I know, fabulous, right?).

Here’s what happened:
-We checked the pipes under the house and behind the toilet, sink, and tub to see if there’s a leak. No leaks or moisture at all, either under the house or inside the bathroom.
-We checked the attic to see if there was a smell going up into the attic. Nothing.
-We emptied everything in the bathroom to see if an item was making the icky smell.

The only thing I can imagine is that something meandered inside the wall, couldn’t get out, and then died. The walls are sealed from under and ontop of the house, so we have no way of knowing. However, the only source of the smell is the small, teeny space between the pipe under the sink and the wall. Could this be it? Is there any way to find out without breaking down the wall?

Thanks for any helpful suggestions!!

why do they say not to put under the cabinet TVs near microwave? What does it do to it?

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