Colour Your Kitchen

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Life was so simple when the most desirable kitchen was a sleek white room with stainless steel appliances and colour was reserved for the rest of the home. Now you can be proud of your kitchen colour – and quite rightly so!

As a retail designer, when designing large department stores, I was always taught to use colour to tap into the mind set of the shopper and what they associated various colour with. The fresh food dept, would use apple green colour for its walls or signage, the toy department – red, health and beauty- aqua colour and so on.

This use of colour as an integral part of an environment, I thought was great, I also think and a similar approach should be used for your own environment. The kitchen/dining room, we all know is the ‘flagship area’ of your home and colour is a great way of communicating your personality and style – the same way as those shops I design communicate their products and brand personality.

Colour has always been vital in creating a distinctive , memorable style. I read the other day that Max Factor decorated three rooms for a photoshoot to work with the hair and eye colour of of the models, Pale blue for blondes, pink for brunettes, and green for auburn!  Worth bearing in mind.

Here are my seven thoughts on how you can add colour to your kitchen for the coming year – in the overall design and seven thoughts to add colour with your kitchen accessories.

The Kitchen Environment…

Dark and luxurious look at juxtaposing shiny stainless steel with blacks greys and chocolate browns, use gloss paints, mirrors and dark shiny vinyl flooring.

Go natural and neutral, look at  materials like concrete, stone slabs, corks, plywoods or chipboard, just seal and leave the natural feel to dominate supplement or juxtapose with your own scheme.

Make window frames a feature by painting them in a bright zesty colour.

Function and fun – colour glass splashbacks give a modern, reflective approach to areas that were always tiled in the past .

Don’t think of ‘feature walls‘ – the concept of having one coloured / wallpapered wall is a bit tired now, and usually looks contrived. It’s best the think colour blocks for the whole space.

Try painting the ceiling a slightly darker colour than the walls, try gloss on low ceilings to create illusion of more space -it changes the feel of the whole room – you could be surprised.

Make a floor feature with a colourful rug – kitchen now integrate soft furnishings as they are really becoming a living space.

The Kitchenware and Accessories…

Get inspired by your theme! A designer friend is totally inspired by all things Russian – red is the lead colour in her kitchen from Russian dolls to a red and chrome soda syphon. All things slavic inspire her from jewel encrusted, onion domed opulence of the Czars to peasant patterns and geometric floral shapes.

Look beyond stainless steel – the finish of the moment is copper, from panels to sinks to accessories – it also works well with the steel finish.

Paint walls in plain colours dark greys and putty colours, then offset with brightly coloured accessories ; pink, yellow or orange pots pans or storage pots and create a complementary zing.

Accessories let you introduce  different colours into your servery and tablewear kit throughout the year. This summer our kitchen goes pale lush green with bamboo and natural materials as we introduce new table runners, servers and bowls, napkins, glasses and everything that moves that can have a colour!

Create unexpected colour accent points and splashes of colour – now you can really think laterally as everything can be bought in a wide spectrum of colour; lampshades, blinds, clocks, bins and storage jars.

Fridges, freezers, cookers and washing machines are now colour statements in themselves- you can even buy an large frige freezer emblazoned with your national flag!

Finally and very importantly – wall art. Kitchen now, more than ever, sport interesting original art and bric a brac on the walls -no matter how small! Look at artists like Mark Rothco for pure expressionist colour.

Experiment! Life is too short to have a boring beige approach, mess around with colour splashes, accessories, tiles and textiles develop your colour sense keep a colour scrapbook with holiday photos, fabrics, postcards and anything you see you like for constant inspiration.

do we have to remove bottom cabinets when replacing pergo floor that runs under cabinets?

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We have Alloc (off brand pergo) wood laminate flooring running under our kitchen cabinets. Would like to remove and replace floor without removing bottom cabinets.

Doe anyone know of a good way to snap off tile that has been set under cabinets?

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I am replacing thetile in my kitchen and whoever put the tile in that I just tore out layed out the tile before setting the cabinets. I need a good method for cutting off the tile at the cabinet base. I am sure this has happened to someone out there. Hoping for an answer that will help me make quick work of finishing the demo. Thanks!

Hi-Tech Pipe And Plumbing Repair Can Save The Homeowner A Lot Of Money, Time, And Headaches

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Hi-Tech Pipe and Plumbing Repair Can Save the Homeowner a Lot of Money, Time, and Headaches

Plumbing repair is a lot like surgery; the less invasive, the better.Visit here

As the cost of building material rise, the cost of every home repair and plumbing repair has also increased. There really is not an inexpensive method to making plumbing repairs, especially if the damage is inside the walls, foundation, or buried at basement level.

Fortunately for the homeowner, there are newer non-invasive methods to detecting leaks and pipe damage that before required busting through walls and demolition of the foundation in extreme cases. Many water and sewer line repair professionals utilize high tech cameras that can be slid along pipes to view potential problems, while others can “see” through walls. This use of technology does cost the customer some, however, when examining the cost savings of not needing to reconstruct plaster walls, sheet rock, painting, and labor, it is a much more beneficial method of repair.

Many of the new methods of repairing underground sewer pipes can actually make use of the existing pipe without unearthing fences, flower gardens, trees, etc. The technique makes use of a narrow cutter designed to be inserted into the underground pipe which then cuts away any debris found within the pipe. After the cutter is removed, a liner is then inserted to the point of damage. The liner then seals against the damaged pipe. Most plumbing repair services focus strictly on smaller jobs. Larger specialized jobs such as this require specialized tools that smaller plumbing companies do not have.

With regards to copper pipes, pinhole leaks may be a problem. Over years of use, copper pipes can develop copper etching, lead deposits, and algae which pose serious leaks and health risks. One method, other than having a plumbing company perform an expensive piping refit, is to make use of a new epoxy liner. A specialized epoxy is placed inside the water pipes which then travels throughout. As the epoxy travels along the pipe, it deposits itself against the inside wall of the piping and then hardens to form a smooth unobstructed pipe within a pipe.

This revolutionary method to pipe repair allows the homeowner the convenience of never having to leave the comfort of the home as opposed to traditional pipe replacement. Major benefits of these newer methods are time savings, as well as the savings to the pocketbook.Visit here

LCD under-cabinet kitchen T.V.?

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Im trying to find an LCD T.V. for the kitchen that I can mount under the cabinets, One that you could possibly tilt flip and swivel, in the size range of 10″-14″, but under-cabnet mounting is the real issue.

How To Copper Use In Your House

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Copper Use In Your House

When thinking of precious metals most of us think of gold and platinum,Visit here

almost everyone neglects to think of copper, which is, in fact, one of the most basic and common metal we encounter on a daily basis.

This red colored metal has been in use for many years, humanity has found copper and started using it already in Greek ancient times, this use of copper and other metals has evolved since ancient times, and as is the case in copper it has been used for more technological advanced things than the production of mirrors. Copper has a high electrical conductivity, and it reflects and its unique red orange color as it absorbers other frequencies.

Sharing many qualities of its family, copper is very much like silver and gold, all have high thermal and electrical conductivity. Copper is making its comeback for one very strange reason, it is a fact that in the last few years copper theft has been on the rise.

The use of copper has been so wide over the last few years that many have started stealing copper, in any form, to sell afterwards. Today we are dependent of copper, as a relatively cheap metal, for many different uses of everyday modern life and the need for cutting costs and lowering the cost of metals has produced this strange phenomena in which many people find different objects are stolen or stripped from their copper elements.

When you think of using copper in your home, or in your business you should consider the fact that you will need to maintain copper, much more than other metals it is sensitive to corrosion. The many other benefits of copper are that it is relatively cheap and easy to work with, that it has a nice look to it, and that it is, in many cases, a more robust alternative to other kinds of metals or products.

Copper awning for the business is one great solution for an awning needs, although you will need to take care of it a little more than other kinds of awning you will probably agree that it is the most attractive metal you can use.

If you are in the market for copper to use in your home improvement projects, you are probably making a right decision, copper is a great material to work with when you are doing home improvement tasks, and when you need to protect a pipe of an outing of any sorts you will find that copper is one of the most efficient metals you can use, it is not difficult to work with and you require no special expertise for success, you just need to start working with copper and you learn the rest by yourself.

Just one last word about copper, you probably realized half way through reading this that copper does have a very significant role in our lives, from our kitchens with their copper frying pans, pots, knives and forks, to coins and change made part of copper, pipes and awnings and many more products that we have become almost blind to, have copper in them.Visit here

what is causing water to leak around the pop up stopper rod under the bathroom cabinet?

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Can anyone help me with identifying odor in kitchen and under kitchen sink?

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Mysterious chemical-like odor under kitchen sink which can also can be noticed (more subtly) in the kitchen overall. New home purchased 3 months ago. Did some kitchen work…installed new sink, pipes. The odor is definitely not from anything stored under cabinet. It is driving me crazy and I really want to get to the bottom of it. Wondering if it’s sewer gas or some kind of mold/mildew problem from wet wood under cabinet. I’m at a loss and will do anything to resolve this. Thinking of getting an air/gas check. Also, don’t know if it’s related but our plumbing is a bit weak in terms of vacuum/suction. Anybody have any advice? Thanks!

Perforated Kitchen Roll Towels

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Perforated kitchen roll towels are sanitary alternatives for traditional towels. They come into routine use during cleaning activities in foodservice stations, healthcare settings, laboratories and residential settings. Their primary use is for easy wiping away of liquid spills and other dirt from the surfaces.  

Beneficial Features of Perforated Kitchen Roll Towels

Perforated kitchen roll towels prevent wastage and help in controlled usage. The perforations on the roll towels allow you to take the exact number of paper towels you require. You can conveniently tear off the required number of towels along the perforations. These kitchen roll towels are made of materials offering great absorbency and superior liquid holding capacity. Towels designed with high absorbency materials are best for handling tough spills and clean up. These products are also helpful in reducing the risks of crossover contamination, since these are for one time use.

Roll Paper Towels to Match Your Kitchen Decor

Perforated kitchen roll towels come in many different colors, designs and features. The attractive colors and designs of these products make them ideal for any kitchen décor. They are now available in a range of different packages from smaller cases to larger ones, for easy storage and handling. The number of sheets in a roll varies depending on the capacity of the case. Many of the models presently available in the market are compliant with EPA standards. There are numerous manufacturers in the field offering different brands of perforated kitchen roll towels. Among them, Georgia Pacific, Kimberly Clark, and San Jamar are very popular.

For making a proper selection of products, online shopping would be great. You can approach any online retailers from where you can get these in bulk amount as well as, at affordable rates.

I found this under the bathroom cabinet, what is it?

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It looks like a mini unicorn. It’s about four inches high and it keeps running around on the floor.
Should I keep it, or let it go outside?
It’s really strange looking, but it’s kinda cool.
That horn on it’s head is sharp!