Range Hoods AP238-PS83-30, AP238-PS83-36 and AP238-PS83-42 by Cavaliere Have Been Added to Warehouse USAs Inventory

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Aiken, SC (PRWEB) January 30, 2013

Cavaliere range hoods are designed to remove smoke, cooking vapors, and odors from the cook top area. For best results, it is advisable to start the range hood before cooking and allow it to operate several minutes after the cooking is completed to clear all smoke and odors from the kitchen.

Cavaliere under cabinet range hoods are crafted from 19 gauge stainless steel in satin finish. The three range hood models can only vent air through ducts that lead outside. It needs to be noted that they are not capable of recycling the air within the room. The range hoods are equipped with two 35W dimmable halogen lights; they are electronically controlled with multiple functions such as 4 motor speeds, power-off delay and auto function. Functions are executed either by pressing touch sensitive buttons on the LCD display or with a (credit card size) remote control. The auto function is worthy of a more detailed explanation here – this function once activated regulates the speed of the blower fan when the ambient temperature rises and decreases the speed when the temperature drops down. The auto function relies on readings fed from built in heat sensor. The user has a choice to set the temperature, for the auto function to engage, between 93⁰ F and 118⁰ F.

The motor used in Cavaliere range hoods is ultra-quiet and capable of moving up to 1000 cubic feet of air per minute. The noise levels produced by the blower range from 46 dB to 70 dB; this can be compared to a noise ranging from a quiet conversation (40 dB) to a normal conversation (65 dB). The range hoods are equipped with an 8” round duct vent.

The model AP238-PS83-30 is 30” wide by 25” deep and 18” tall; it has two 35W dimmable halogen lights mounted in the front end of the fixture. Cavaliere recommends the distance between the cooktop and the canopy bottom to be in the range from 27” to 30” in order to achieve optimal venting conditions.

The model AP238-PS83-36 is 36” wide by 25” deep and 18” tall; it has two 35W dimmable halogen lights mounted in the front end of the fixture. The installation recommendations are the same as of the aforementioned model AP238-PS83-30

The last Cavaliere range hood model added recently to Warehouse USA’s inventory is AP238-PS83-42, which is 42” wide by 22” deep and 18” tall. The hood’s characteristics and installation recommendations are the same as for two previous models.

All Cavaliere kitchen range hoods are available at Warehouse USA – http://warehouse-usa.com; they are on sale with free shipping throughout 48 contiguous states. For more technical information or if in doubt please don’t hesitate to call 888-693-8066.

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