Latest Under Cabinet LCD TV News

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Telecommunication Electronics – Global Trends, Estimates and Forecasts, 2011
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How big a TV should I buy?
As long as you're not limited by a cabinet or entertainment centre, you can probably get a bigger TV than you're figuring. Possibly, a lot bigger. Here's how to figure …. One possible cause is the 50 plus footlamberts from a TV (or more with LCDs …
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VideoSecu Under Cabinet Mount for LCD LED TV Monitor Flat Panel Flip Swivel Mount Bracket MLU01B 1KY

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VideoSecu Under Cabinet Mount for LCD LED TV Monitor Flat Panel Flip Swivel Mount Bracket MLU01B 1KY

  • Heavy gauge steel construction support screens up to 18 lbs
  • Compatible with VESA 50×50/75×75/100×100
  • Adjustable swivel for viewing from multiple positions
  • Conveniently tucks under a cabinet when not in use to save space
  • Standard mounting hardware included

The VideoSecu new design under cabinet mount fits most 9″ to 24″ LCD LED TV monitor flat panel screen display weighing less than 18 lbs/8.2 kg with VESA mounting hole pattern 75×75 (3″x3″), 100×100 (4″x4″). The sturdy mount features a space saving design that conveniently tucks your flat panel display under a cabinet when not in use. While it includes additional cabinet T-nut insert designed to protect and reinforce the cabinet surface when mounting the FLIP. The high-tech look mount offers 110 degrees tilt, 180 degrees swivel left and right for viewing angle adjustment. How to assure mount is compatible with your selected display. Check the weight first, your TV must be less than 18 lb/8.2 kg. Next, check the mounting holes, if they are 4 in x 4 in, or 3 in x 3 in, then this bracket will fit. Please measure the distance from the lower mounting hole to the top of the TV (as the picture shown), it must be no more than 11.6 inch, otherwise the TV will touch the cabinet before set to vertical. VideoSecu brand under cabinet mount, please report to Amazon if you receive a mount without VideoSecu logo.

List Price: $ 15.99

Price: $ 12.84

Things To Consider When Buying Under Cabinet Tvs

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Some people think that getting under cabinet TVs may be just an added cost. But the truth is, most, if not all, of the members in the family can make use of this additional appliance in one point or the other. First, it allows you to keep tabs on the news and your favorite television shows even when you are not at the family room and second, it can make boring kitchen chores a bit more entertaining with a television to have around. So if you are now planning to get one of these appliances for your kitchen space, then here are a few things that you should consider.

The size

Determine just how big a TV can you accommodate in your kitchen. This is very crucial because you do not want to sacrifice functional space just for the sake of getting a television. So make sure that you get a unit small enough that can fit under your cabinet and will not be a big hassle for kitchen work. Generally, under cabinet TVs come in 7, 9 or 10 inches in size so make sure to measure what available space you have before you go shopping.

Television type

Today, there are generally two types of the kitchen TV: the LCD screens which take in less space and the older CRT models which are much bulkier compared to the former. Aside from this difference, the LCD televisions are much more expensive compared to the older CRT models. So learn to weigh things out. You have the choice of maximizing space with the more expensive LCD TVs or you can get the cheaper CRT units but have to sacrifice a little bit more of your kitchen area.

Swivel or stationary models

There are now under cabinet TVs that have a swivel function. Swivel units are televisions that can be adjusted to turn to any angle that you want. This way, even if you are at working at the far side of your kitchen, then you can simply turn your TV towards you and enjoy your favorite show while working. If you have not found a good swivel unit, then you can also opt to have countertop TVs which are portable.

Input connectivity

A good feature for under cabinet TVs would be their versatility. In case you get bored with the usual shows on TV, then good units should be able to connect easily with other devices such as a DVD player for you to actually view movies in them. Some very good units even have cooking timers and many other added features that turn your normal TV into one versatile kitchen appliance.

Sound and display quality

Of course, this should be a priority for buying any kind of television – whether it’s for the kitchen or for any part of the house. Test the sound and display quality of your units even before purchase.

So if you want to make the most out of your investment, make sure that you have the best possible model in the market by simply considering the things mentioned above. Under cabinet TVs are indeed one of the best ways to turn your kitchens into a room made not just for function but for entertainment as well.

There are now Under cabinet TVs that have a swivel function. Swivel units are televisions that can be adjusted to turn to any angle that you want.

Venturer 15.6 Under-Cabinet LCD HDTV with Wi-Fi Streaming

For More Info or to Buy Now:…
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Wood Cabinet Refacing Can Make Your Kitchen Beautiful

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Maybe your kitchen is stuck in the ’70 and needs a quick update. Or maybe you want a high-end look but do not want the high-end price tag. Or, maybe you are selling your home and need a low cost kitchen remodeling alternative that will add value and increase the return on your investment.


Whatever the reason: A kitchen cabinet refacing project may just be the solution you have been searching for!


Wood Cabinet Refacing can add High-End Appeal


The cost of a kitchen cabinet refacing project typically runs about half the cost of buying new or custom cabinets. This, however, does not mean that this remodeling solution has a low cost look. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. Depending on the materials you choose – from real wood to composite – today’s modern build materials are designed to add some true aesthetic value.


Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Solutions Typically Include:

  • Customized looks
  • Array of finishes
  • Choice of color
  • Solutions to meet your budget
  • Hardware to match


Other Benefits of Wood Cabinet Refacing

Beauty and affordability are not the only benefits associated with opting for a kitchen cabinet refacing solution. Other benefits include:


  • Time: Installing new or custom built kitchen cabinets can take months to install. This not only adds cost, it is terribly inconvenient. Choosing kitchen cabinet refacing means a much shorter timeline – with typical deadlines ranging from a weekend to a week.
  • Durability: Ever hear the phrase “they don’t make them like they used to”? When you choose to reface your kitchen cabinets, you typically keep the original cabinet cases and drawers. Made from solid wood, this is often a more durable option over many of the more inferior cabinets that populate today’s current marketplace.
  • Less construction: Avoid the hassle of plumbing and electrical work. This is just one more expense and added inconvenience. Often, a wood cabinet refacing project can be constructed around the already installed and laid out plumbing and electrical lines.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Searching for a way to reduce your overall environmental footprint? A refacing project means less material. This ultimately cuts down on waste and reduces the chance of causing harm to the environment.


Remember there are several different kitchen cabinet refacing options. Do-it-yourself warriors can confidently tackle the project. On the other hand, for a professionally designed, custom look, choosing a professional home improvement company may be a better option. Whatever you choose, if you want to add a high-end look, just without the high-end price tag, a wood cabinet refacing project is a great solution.

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