How come Al Gore didn’t get a cabinet position of Minister of the Curly Lightbulb enforcement?

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Haven’t seen too much from the bloated purveyor of the theory of Global Warming since the planet has actually been cooling off have we? Maybe big Al has crawled back under his rock and pulled his hanging chads over himself to keep warm.

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Can you come up with a more diverse cabinet than Bush has?

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Did some research, 28 cabinet members under Clinton from 1993-2000 were as follows– 5 white woman,15 white men,4 Black men,3 Latin men and 1 Asian man. 28 cabinet members under GW Bush from 2001-2006 are as follows– 3 white woman,16 white men,1 black woman, 3 Black men, 3 latin men,1 Asian man and 1 Asian woman. Clinton had no Black or Asian women serve in his cabinet.These are facts, is there another administration with more diversity I’m unaware of?

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Under-cabinet lights: How come one of the lights is a lot brighter than the others?

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A friend of mine helped me installed (hardwired) four Xenon puck lights under my kitchen cabinets. The four lights came in with a set plug and switch on each. My friend hacked them all and combined them on single plug and plugged into an outlet above the cabinets. Everything looked OK until I noticed the next day that the one light is much brighter than the others. I asked my friend what’s up the uneven light output and he was like:”I don’t know” : ( …What might have gone wrong?
I see. I don’t know much about series and parallel circuits though but did he do series circuit and could that be the reason why the lights are not working properly? Is there anyway I can fix this myself? Because my friend is not answering my calls LOL.

How come Bush Jr and the Secretary of Commerce under his cabinet, didn’t accomplish anything in favor of NAFTA?

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Chinchilla hiding out in little hole under cabinet… how do I convince him to come out?

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Basically there is a hole under the cabinetry in the kitchen beside the dish washer. I looked around and there is no way for me to get where he is. I’m pretty sure he is up there because we searched everywhere else and it happens that in that corner that is poop and dust, like he got flustered from his dustbath. I’m just afraid he is going to die up there and my mom will not be very happy about that.

Families Come Together With Entertainment Centers

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As busy as life is today, it’s often difficult to find all the members of your household together in the house, let alone in the same room. As kids grow, activities, school responsibilities and friends make it difficult to maintain regular time schedules and deters from family time. However, having time for your family to spend together is necessary for a healthy life for both you and your kids. Making time every week for a movie night, game night or even some music time together can give your family reason to gather together. Your Amish Entertainment Center can house all the necessary toys and equipment to give your family a “family room” full of entertaining things to do together.

There are several variations of Amish Entertainment Centers and each one is carefully built with 100% hardwoods like cherry, maple and oak and provides the durability and beauty that Amish furniture is renowned for. No matter your current furniture style, there are entertainment centers that will fit your current home décor, your budget and the size of your family room.

The wide selection of Amish Entertainment Centers provides varied options for anyone interested in these room centerpieces. Choose from clean style Mission pieces with no beveling or detail to highly decorative entertainment unites with carved wood tops and decorative handles and drawers. You have the option to choose stain for each piece that would best fit the color scheme of your home.

Other options for your entertainment center include a choice between single-level consoles with no cabinets that can be used as a stereo or TV-stand to multi-piece entertainment units that offer multiple drawers, cabinets and storage units for your full entertainment equipment set. In these multi-section units, you’ll be able to store your CD’s, DVD’s and games so you family has one location for any entertainment choice they make for your family night fun. So rest assured that once you choose your Amish Entertainment Center, you’ll have the tools you need to gather your family around you despite life’s hectic schedules.

We at are dedicated to offering beautiful Amish furniture for all rooms of your home. With the addition of the new website we are able to offer our customers a wide selection of products such as bedroom, office, living room and outdoor furniture. Many products are made of fine oak furniture. Please browse our pages and start designing your living room today!