Breville EW30XL Electric Gourmet Wok Reviews

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Whip up healthy and delicious stir fry dinners with this handsome and convenient electric wok from Breville. The variable heat control has 15 settings, including a high sear setting, so you can precisely control temperature and cooking time. One-year limited warranty. Model EW30XL.
The Breville gourmet wok updates the electric wok design in every detail. For starters, its 1500-watt butterfly element is recessed around the base to create a heat zone over the entire surface–excellent conditions for quick searing and stir-frying. The variable heat probe includes 14 settings plus “high sear” for precise control, and the 14-inch-diameter die-cast wok bowl is roomy enough to handle whatever’s ready in the garden. Designed for simpler clean-up, scratch-resistance, and reduced-fat cooking, the wok’s surface is a four-ply Quantanium coating, combining titanium-reinforced mid-coats with a durable nonstick exterior. The glass lid is satisfyingly heavy with a stainless-steel rim and a convenient steam vent. The most striking difference between this and your old electric wok is the quick-release base that lets you put everything but the temperature probe and power cord in the dishwasher. Breville also includes a temperature indicator light, a booklet of recipes and tips, and a plastic spatula. –Emily Bedard

Technical Details

-18-1/6 by 15-1/6 by 7-7/8-Inch; weighs 11-4/5-pound.
-Quick-release removable base is dishwasher-safe
-Heavy glass lid with steam vent and stainless-steel rim
-4-Layer quantanium non-stick cooking surface
-Butterfly element with 14 heat settings plus a high sear option

Customer reviews

“Pleasantly surprised”
By Christabelle (Chicago)
Even with the great reviews, I was skeptical about using an electric wok. What a nice surprise! I am very pleased with this wok after using it several times. Meat gets a nice sear at the highest setting and veggies, rice, noodles, etc. cook nicely as well. I love that it’s easy to clean and the optional steam vents on the lid are a nice addition. The finish is still perfect, although I cannot get myself to use metal utensils on it. It’s just too gorgeous to risk scratching, even if it’s supposed to be durable enough to handle it. I’ve been recommending this wok to my friends and family. I have no complaints.

“Breville EW30XL Wok”
By Ernie (Oregon)
I have owned this wok a month and have been using it every day. The cooking results are great, it has the power I need to cook hot and fast. Very easy to use, and easy to cleanup. I initially thought that the price was a bit high, but for an appliance of this quality I consider it a bargain. I strongly recommend this product to anyone buying an electric wok.

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7 Tricks Under $100 For A Gourmet Kitchen

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People tend to spend so much money on kitchens. TV tries to make you think it’s the thing to do. Just throw money at the place where you occasionally cook. But a gourmet kitchen actually looks like people cook and eat in it. It’s a great way to make emotional connections and have fun.

But is it really necessary to spend tens of thousands of dollars to achieve a great look?

My answer is a resounding NO! With just $100 dollars or so you can do great things.

I have done things to ALL my kitchens that came in at a good price, but still made my kitchens better. I have even built cabinets. It’s not rocket science. Cabinets are just wood or MDF boxes with doors. And you can re-purpose other furniture in a kitchen for a “furniture” look.

It’s often the subtleties that make a kitchen look like a gourmet kitchen.

It takes MORE than granite counter tops and stainless appliances. They are expensive choices for those of us who are on a budget. And they may also have had their day. Fashions change.

And styles of houses are all different. What looks good in one house may look just weird in another.

But any kitchen can be improved with some small changes that anyone can do.

  1. Counter tops can get really expensive. Try replacing yours with stone floor tiles or ceramic tile. It’s a job many people can do. Another option is to replace your counter tops with 2X12 wood stained whatever color you like or just oiled. This option looks great in old-fashioned houses. So does butcher block, though its a bit more money.
  2. You can replace pulls for a little cash or a lot. But pulls can make things look different fast.
  3. Paint can change everything. The color and mood and style of your kitchen can change radically with a couple of coats of paint on the cabinets and the walls.
  4. Speaking of walls…get rid of the wallpaper or wallpaper border. Some papers will just peel off. Don’t put up with it if you don’t like it. Many wallpapers have a plastic layer on top the will peel away from the real paper on the back. This paper layer then becomes something you can get off with warm water solutions. Check with your local DIY store. Wallpaper can really date a house in a bad way. Paint will be cheaper and less horrifying for you.
  5. Get some interesting pendent lights to go over your island, peninsula, and or table. It’s a nice new look for a little money. Your DIY store can help you with the details.
  6. Build a pot rack or re-purpose something that you can use to hang pots. I built one out of a 4 foot piece of warped oak and some brackets. Look around for something you can get cheap and use for years as I have.
  7. Build a wine pantry. Or have some closet space in the kitchen that will serve as a place to keep fine wine. Our earth-sheltered house has a perfect place for wine in one back corner of the kitchen. The wine always seems to be the right temperature. Nothing says gourmet like a stash of fine wine and it’s great with food, too. You need to keep wine cool, though so a conventional house may not have this advantage. A rack for reds might work just as well with some wine glasses on a rack nearby.

There are an unlimited number of ways to make your kitchen your own. Make sure yours is a place where your friends and family like to gather. Cooking is a great way to connect with people. Even kids like it. And collecting recipes wherever you go is good, too. It has brought me some of my best memories. I’m particularly fond of my iron skillets. Only people who really cook have them. And they don’t cost a lot of money, either. And they cook great. It’s more good value for not a lot of money.