Get pooled dried paint off hardwood?

Posted: May 7th, 2011 | Author: | Filed under: Under Cabinet Tips | Tags: , , , | 6 Comments »

In my new house, some dillweed spilled paint on the hardwood under a built-in cabinet. I’d like to clean it up but don’t know the best way besides chipping it up.

Anyone know a solvent that will make the paint easier to remove but not destroy the floor?

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    Ive ripped up the fake tile, and have had brand new cabinets with granite counter tops installed. I am seriously interested in oak flooring and have already put down the deposit. Do i have the hardwood flooring – engineered- placed under the dishwasher – not yet purchased or even picked out – the fridge, and the stove or do I stop the wood flush against the edges of the appliances? Does having wood under the kitchen appliances create a hazzard? My floor is currently bare cement now. Thanks for all information. I would appreciate people who either have personally installed the wood or those who have benefitted from the installation.

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