Kuhn Rikon Clear Cookie Press Reviews

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Hearts, pinwheels, ovals and squares – make dozens of yummy cookies in a flash with the Kuhn Rikon Cookie Press. The stainless steel trigger mechanism allows easy, one-handed (whether you’re left or right-handed!) cookie making using any of the 14 interchangeable discs. A see-through plastic barrel lets you quickly determine how much of the contents are left. It’s lightweight and easy to handle. Even kids will get into the fun using this versatile tool. Recipes included.
Make dozens of cookies or pastries and decorate cakes in no time with Kuhn Rikon’s one-handed cookie press. Lightweight and easy to use, this baking tool is a simple one-handed operation. With 14 different cookie discs you can make whatever type of treat your favorite cookie monsters desire–why not be adventuresome and try a new version every week? –Meg Heffernan

Technical Details

-Press extrudes cookie dough through 14 unique steel disks
-Tube holds dough for about 30 cookies
-Comes apart for easy clean up
-Dishwasher safe
-Recipes included

Customer reviews

“Nice, efficient cookie press”
By K Chan (Seattle, WA)
I have used it four times by now. it is really easy to use and make nice cookies.
Note that some pattern are more easy to press out than the other.

“Recipe Adjustment”
By Skip L. (Colorado)
Simplicity and ease of use first time out of the gate. Most importantly, it produces GOOD RESULTS without hassle. Unlike earlier presses I have used (the old screw feed used as a kid, and a later electric feed thing with a long threaded stem down the tube which was a nightmare to use), this press proved to be very user friendly. The one-click = one-cookie trigger feed produces consistent cookies. Sweet.

I did notice that it is a little smaller than the old screw gun, and the cookies are smaller. My first batch looked miniature in comparison to the old ones, but they came out great. Averaged just under 2″ across per cookie. With the smaller size cookie, I found the included recipes to be way off on yield and cooking time. The included recipe indicated it would yield 48 cookies, with a baking time of 10-12 min at 375 degrees. My results, with their recipe, yielded 96 cookies (double their stated amount), and I found that they would burn if baked more than 7 minutes at 375 (the recipe lists 10-12 minutes which is charcoal city). And yes, my oven is calibrated. I believe this is partially due to the smaller size cookie the press clicks out.

Keeping in mind to expect a lot of smaller cookies, baking them for about half the stated time, the results are excellent. Make sure the dough is of the right consistency. If it is too thick, requiring a strongman grip to squeeze the trigger, you’ll probabbly blow the press apart.

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