Kaiser Bakeware Pattisserie Assorted Linzer Cookie Cutter Reviews

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Make your own Linzer cookies at home with this set of 5 assorted Kaiser Bakeware Pattisserie Linzer Cookie Cutters. This set includes shapes in heart, star, tulip, flower, and clover, perfect for any time of year.

Technical Details

-Now you can make your own linzer cookies at home
-Includes a heart, star, tulip, flower, and clover with small designs in center of each cookie cutter
-The 2-in-1 cookie cutter set allows your to make your favorite stacked, jam filled cookies with ease
-Recipe card included
-Perfect for year round


Customer Reviews

“Kaiser Bakeware LInzer Cookie Cutter Review”
By R. Rom
Kaiser Bakeware Linzer Cookie Cutter Set
This set is exactly what I was looking for. It came quickly and I was pleased with the quality. I somehow thought that it would come in a clear plastic container box where the cookie cutters could also be stored in (thought I saw it pictured that way on the site although it is no longer pictured that way now). They come in a corrugated cardboard box but that’s fine.
It comes with a recipe too.
The cookies came out nice and are quite good!

“What a great cutter!”
By V. Castle (NJ)
I purchased the holiday set (same cutter, different inserts) and let me tell you, I baked over 150 cookies this holiday season (over 300 cookies if you count tops & bottoms). The recipe that it came with was excellent; although the recipe yielded more than it said it would, which was really no problem. I had no trouble with the inserts, but since I was making such large quantities, I did dip the cutter in flour after every 50 cuts or so. I think it’s a great cutter and I will purchase the “everyday inserts” as well.

“linzer cookies set”
By Maria S. Colaianni (Florida)
I really loved the linzer cookies set I received, I already made some following they inclosed recipe and the looked professional.


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