I need a durable locking liquor cabinet?

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I’m looking for a locking cabinet with functionality in mind and not so much looks.

The interior needs to have a minimum height of 13 inches. And be able to hold at least 10 bottles.

The lock needs to be quite durable, and preferably a latch that allows me to use a traditional pad lock.

Price isn’t a huge issue, but I’d like to spend under $100.

Thanks for all the suggestions. 🙂

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Sssssshhhh! It’s a “alcoholic” drink. (This is a non-alcoholic drink sec- (hick-up!) -tion … I’m be’in bad.) Sssssshhh!

and does anybody have a breath mint? She won’t sit back and let me type. (Sit back!) Thank you … hick-up!

Thank you very much.