Looking for Kitchen Appliances with stealing deals?

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    I am looking for a 6 cup, space saver, coffee maker.?

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    I want a coffee maker that only makes six or so cups and will mount under the cabinet. It is for use in a RV, so the smaller the better.

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      looking to hang up cabinet light with out screws?

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      I am buying an under cabinet light and would like to install it without any screws or nails. the light is about 2-3 pounds and i’m looking for something to hold it up and not worry about it crashing down.

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        Looking for customer reviews for Sony Under-Cabinet Kitchen ICF-CDK50 CD Clock Radio?

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        Where can I find reviews and opinions online for Sony Under-Cabinet Kitchen ICF-CDK50 CD Clock Radio

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          Looking for web site where i can buy an under the cabinet paper plate rack.?

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          I know i have seen them but just can’t locate a store or web site that has them. Thanks.

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            Are You Looking For Help In Creating A Modern Kitchen Design?

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            Are you looking for some great kitchen color ideas to use for your modern kitchen design? If so, you will be happy to learn that there are several great color combinations that can be used when creating a modern kitchen design.

            Some of today’s most popular color trends include:

            • Brown and neutral grey
              A long time favorite for the kitchen, you can never go wrong with these colors.
            • Green
              Going “green” in order to better conserve the earth is becoming increasingly popular today. As such, it should come as no surprise to learn that green is also a popular color choice in today’s modern kitchen.
            • Red
              One of the most popular color choices for the kitchen, red is favored for its tendency to stimulate the appetite while also making a bold design statement.
            • Blue
              Considered to be one of the more soothing colors, blue is a great choice if you want help in reducing your stress in the kitchen.
            • Jewel tones
              The use of jewel tones will really help make your kitchen stand out and get noticed.
            • Black and white
              Black and white is a timeless color pairing that is great for classic as well as modern kitchen designs.

            Of course, if you are trying to put together a modern kitchen design, you will need to consider more than just the colors you use in your kitchen. In addition to exploring kitchen color ideas, you will also need to consider the types of appliances you select, as well as the overall layout of your kitchen.

            For example, a modern kitchen will typically include the following design elements:

            • Countertops made from natural stone such as granite or quartz
            • The use of stainless steel appliances, preferably ones that are Energy Star rated
            • Stainless steel hardware
            • Sleek design elements

            If you are struggling with arriving at a kitchen design, or you are having trouble coming up with kitchen color ideas for your home, you might want to consider using kitchen design software.

            With the help of kitchen design software, you can rearrange design elements and experiment with a variety of color combinations in order to determine the combination that best suits your individual style and taste. After all, it is better to experiment and make mistakes when using a software program than to get started with your remodeling project only to change your mind about your design plans later.

            Need help looking for a good printer, recommend any ($200 and under) ?

            Posted: May 24th, 2010 | Author: | Filed under: Under Cabinet Tips | Tags: , , , , , , , | 3 Comments »

            OK so im looking for a new printer since my old printer got kinda crushed by a hanging cabinet…..
            Anyway I had a Canon MP510 and I loved it, easy to use and had everything I needed. So can anyone recommend a printer that is similar to it. Or something that is a All-in-one printer.

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            In Looking Your Kitchen Area Rugs

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            Kitchens are the place that we take for granted. It is one of the places that take a special cure to make it beautiful. There are so many beautiful kitchens in the country. It makes it cold just because it is lack of area rugs on the floor. Area rugs are one of the pieces that make your home warmth. But for many of the rug lovers prefer to the oriental naisrep sgur rugs as a new home improvement element. Kitchen area rugs are the perfect rugs that fit in your kitchen and make your kitchen look downright stunning.

            In purchasing your kitchen area rugs you have to consider several things. The comfort, durability, materials and budget are the several things that you need to consider. Most of the kitchen rugs are different materials used that you used in the dining room or in the living room. These rugs are designed only for the kitchens that can stand in the wear and tear of in the kitchens. It is advisable to put in the high traffic areas. It is easy to maintain rugs and its easily to clean.

            Out-Durable is a good example of a kitchen rug meant to withstand the uses in a kitchen. Like most kitchen rugs they can be narrow, like stair or hall runners or large, you choose depending on the size of your kitchen.

            Another thing that you will want to consider is comfort. Many kitchens have hardwood or tile floors and kitchen area rugs make create a padding that saves pain in your knees, back and feet. There are rugs designed specifically for long term standing as well, which is great for those of you who are heavy bakers. Durability is important as well and having a rug that cannot withstand heavy uses will not serve you well in your kitchen. As the kitchen is often the most used area of any home, having a rug that will stand the test of time is important.

            Your budget is the most important of all just because you can’t have area rugs without your budget. It takes a big impact in purchasing your kitchen area rugs. Saving up your money are great way to do but in shopping you can do it also find the best but for the affordable prices rugs. Like the cheap area rug that are available online. If you find a rug that you love, then search for the item name and number online so that you can be sure to compare prices.

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            Looking for a range hood that fits into a cabinet……?

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            Ok, I’m redoing my kitchen & I need an insert kinda thing to go inside the cabinet over the stovetop so you don’t see it. I don’t want the kind that’s an under-the-cabinet. I’m not having much luck on finding them and the ones I do find are either to small or too much $. I need approx a 36″ hood.

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            Looking to build a motorized cabinet lifting a hidden television?

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            I’ve decided to build one of those fancy cabinets that have a television hidden inside it with the touch of the remote. The lifts cost anywhere between $1000-$3000. I don’t have that kind of pocket change, so I’m mainly looking for something that is somewhat the same components in a garage door, and should be able to jimmy that into a cabinet. Any ideas where I would be able to buy these components or the complete setup? I’m looking to spend anywhere under $150. Am I being unreasonable?

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