Hi. One of my cabinet racks just collapsed..?

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The rack in my kitchen cabinet, where I used to keep pots and pans just fell off. Its one of those regular partment cabinets. Racks are held up by a pin sort of thing under it.
I was wondering how I’d know how much weight it can hold.
I keep all my supplies on similar racks. Now I’m worried what if the whole cabinet is too …em…not strong.
Any advice?
Please let me know if more info is needed. Thanks.
the racks seem to be of some sort of plywood.
The cabinet has perforations in which a ‘pin’ has been inserted and the racks are placed on these pins or pegs.
I can change the hight of the racks by putting the pins in a different set of perforations.

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    i have a transparents glass cabinet in my room, i just wonder is there any idea to make stuff that i put inside dustless, including the rack as well..dustiness really really frustrates me..i have to clean up every week..i have lights inside, is it have to put a glass of water under the light or is there anohter way? please advise..really appreciate..

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      I am one of those cooks who uses a lot of herbs and spices on a regular basis when cooking. One of the things I get really fed up about when I am cooking is trying to find the ingredients I need. The trouble with having a small kitchen is that there is nowhere to store those tiny jars and packets that hold cooking ingredients – and find them quickly! The obvious option, when you think about it, is to screw a rack to some available wall space and place small matching jars, containing various frequently used ingredients, on this rack. This is the basis behind one of my favorite spice rack and jar sets. Featuring the Butterfly Meadow collection inspired by Louise Le Luyer, this 7-piece set consists of a wooden rack and six spice jars, each one labelled for a different herb: basil, oregano, parsley, rosemary, sage, and thyme. I know these are herbs, but you get the idea – you can do the same with the various spices too.

      Whenever anybody is at a loss to buy me a present, I tell them they can never go wrong if they get me a variety of herbs and spices. Apart from using them regularly, I love to look at them: to see their depths of color and tone. There are, however, literally hundreds of herbs and spices – if not thousands if you take into account various blends – so, before splurging out on a space saving spice rack or two, you really do need to consider very carefully where you are going to put it. Many people don’t like bits and pieces cluttering up their kitchen surfaces. If this is the case with you, the best place for a spice rack is attached to the wall. If you are one of those people who doesn’t like anything on view and prefers everything in the kitchen to be hidden away –  well, there is even an option for you as well.

      The most important thing about a space saving spice rack is that it needs to be accessible. For the aficionados of ‘everything behind closed doors’ there is a spice rack and set of spice bottles that have been made to fit into a drawer: you just designate a specific drawer to store your spices so you can find them quickly. For those people, like me, who prefers spice racks to be attached to the wall, make sure you don’t place them too close to the cooker as the heat emitted from that could cause your spices’ potency to be reduced – and, since some of the best spices are quite expensive, you don’t want that to happen!

      So, what selection do we have when it comes to a space saving spice rack? One idea, for spices sitting in the corner of a worktop, is a spice carousel. This is simply a wooden rack, usually rounded, that contains a number of small bottles, each one filled with a specific herb or spice. When you need to get a particular bottle, you just spin the carousel around on its pivot until you locate the bottle you need. This really is a great idea for a space saving spice rack as it can sit at the back of a little-used corner of your work counter, yet still be available as required.