Terrible smell in one kitchen cabinet. Help!?

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I just bought a condo that was gut renovated one year ago and has never been lived in. The building is 100 years old but everything in my condo is brand new (appliances, pipes, plumbing, cabinets, etc.) There is a terrible smell coming from only one cabinet, the lazy susan, located next to the dishwasher. No smells are coming from the dishwasher/sink/under the sink/any other cabinet. I have tried pouring boiling water down the sink followed by bleach and another time vinegar. No help. I have scrubbed the cabinet completely and even removed one of the shelves. No help. I had a contractor come in to test for sewer gas. Negative. I put inan open container of baking soda and odor-absorbing volcanic rock and have left the cabinet open to air out. Nothing. Possibly could be a dead mouse but I’ve read that that smell goes away in a week and it’s been 2 weeks. I think it’s strange that the smell clearly is coming from one cabinet and nowhere else. Does anyone have ideas or advice?

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    Awful smell in bathroom of my apartment!!?

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    Help! Anyone! I live in an upstairs apartment with one bathroom. For about 3 years off and on we have had a horrible stench in the bathroom. It’s very embarrassing because people come over and it smells like poop or sewage. We have had the apartment maintenance up to pour drain cleaner in it, then a few months later again they came and replaced the little “u” shaped pipe…now months later it is unbearable. It literally smells all the time. If I open the cabinet under the sink the smell intensifies, it is soooo gross! Anyone have any insight, ideas, solutions?? Please help!!
    Wow, I never thought about flushing my poop down or removing the dead body. And who would have thought that my friends pooping in the sink would cause that smell? 🙂
    Thanks for all the good answers, I will try some of your ideas. I am definitely going to start flushing after I poop.

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      Cigarette smoke smell coming into bathroom from neighbor’s apartment?

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      I recently moved into a new apartment and the master bathroom smells of cigarette smoke at certain times of the day. I have found that the smell is heavily concentrated in the cabinet under the sink. Where would the common access points in the cabinet that the smoke could be traveling through to come from the neighboring unit into mine?

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        smell coming from under cabinet?

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        bad odor coming from under the kitchen counter how to resolve it?

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          Does rat poison dry the rat’s body so that it doesn’t smell if it dies in my attic or walls of home?

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          I have a rat in my walls chewing away at my dry wall and hides in the cabinets under the sink..we have them sealed up with duct tape so he can’t get out but I need to poison it but how do I know it will “go away” as the product says to die. I don’t want my house smelling with dead animal. I can’t afford to hire someone to go in to retrieve it.

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          What kind of smell can mice bring into a house?

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          I have a smell coming from under a kitchen cabinet that smells like sour milk (no spilt milk or moisture – all dry goods) but I cannot find anything to cause the smell. No old containers forgotten about or anything. House is kept clean

          Does anyone know if mouse pee or something from mice can produce this kind of smell. I heard a mouse last night so I am wondering?

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          How to remove the smell of mothballs?

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          I was having a problem with mice and i heard mothballs would repel them so i put an open box of them under my cabinet but it didnt work and the mothballs are worse than the mice so i threw them away but i still smell that smell in my house. How can i completely get rid of it?

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          What to do about a smell coming from a sink drain?

          Posted: May 4th, 2010 | Author: | Filed under: Under Cabinet Tips | Tags: , , , , , | 7 Comments »

          I bought a house 6 months ago, and there is a sink in the kitchen I never use at all. I notice that when I use the washing machine, the sink has a bubbling sound, although no water rises. Recently, there has been a smell from the drain, and it smells like decomposing flesh. I was considering placing draino down the sink, or taking apart the pipes under the cabinet. What should I do? Is this a common problem?

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          I just replace my kitchen sink (from single to double) the problem is a musty smell from the drain.?

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          we cleaned the air vents at the roof top, there is no smell by the dishwasher, but the musty smell focus at the sink/drain and at the cabinet next to it, there is some smell in the cabinet under the sink, when it was just install there was some leaking but that was fixed two weeks ago but the smell remains, there is no sign any where of mold, also every night I pour bleach at each drain and once did the baking soda/vinegar mix , don’t know what else to do, please advise asap thank you

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          I smelled a burning/vapor smell in kitchen. Seemed to be coming from under sink. Any ideas what caused?

          Posted: March 28th, 2010 | Author: | Filed under: Under Cabinet Tips | Tags: , , , , , , , , , , | 1 Comment »

          I removed all cleaning supplies from under the cabinet. I haven’t used the dishwasher for weeks and do not have a disposal. I do however have a side by side fridge that the icemaker/water is hooked up to sink. Once opening up windows the smell has pretty much went away but I have a terrible headache and am really worried about this???