Terrible smell in one kitchen cabinet. Help!?

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I just bought a condo that was gut renovated one year ago and has never been lived in. The building is 100 years old but everything in my condo is brand new (appliances, pipes, plumbing, cabinets, etc.) There is a terrible smell coming from only one cabinet, the lazy susan, located next to the dishwasher. No smells are coming from the dishwasher/sink/under the sink/any other cabinet. I have tried pouring boiling water down the sink followed by bleach and another time vinegar. No help. I have scrubbed the cabinet completely and even removed one of the shelves. No help. I had a contractor come in to test for sewer gas. Negative. I put inan open container of baking soda and odor-absorbing volcanic rock and have left the cabinet open to air out. Nothing. Possibly could be a dead mouse but I’ve read that that smell goes away in a week and it’s been 2 weeks. I think it’s strange that the smell clearly is coming from one cabinet and nowhere else. Does anyone have ideas or advice?

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    How much of the problem with the terrible economy is based on President Bush’s leadership and oversight of the banking industry, federal reserve nominations, deregulation and administrative and oversight decisions by the cabinet departments under his control?

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