Can a toaster under a microwave cause a microwave to stop working?

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If I mount a microwave under my top cabinets and put a toaster underneath it. Can the heat from the toaster cause the microwave to break over time?

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    Buying a Toaster

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    Though very low-tech appliance, toaster is an integral part of kitchens all over the world. A toaster is an appliance to roast your bread slices. None of us can do without our toaster. When you are thinking to buy new toaster, you should consider a few important points. There are different types, styles and setting of toasters available in the market.

    Types of Toasters
    The most common type of toasters is of electric pop-up toasters. In addition, the most common type of toasters toast two portions of bread and larger toasters toast even four portions of the bread. There are other toasters which can toast bagels and large English muffins also as they have larger slits.

    Toasters can have variety of settings such as for light, medium and dark. Other different features in different types of toasters include removable crumb trays, an LCD panel for showing the status, a “toast ready” alarm, a bagel control setting and setting for reheating and defrosting. Some bigger toasters allow toasting two varieties of toasts at the same time. Others may have a warming rack.

    Price of the toasters
    Price of the different toasters varies according to the variety and type of the toaster. You can find toasters in all budget ranges. It can be a basic toaster which is the least expensive and can be bought at a price of INR 200 only and the there are expensive toasters priced at about INR 5000. The larger toasters are more expensive and more efficient too. You can read online reviews for the knowing about the various different kinds of toasters.

    Various types of toasters have different designs. The most common designs of toasters have round or rectangular designs. You can find designs of toasters which have vintage look and several contemporary designs also. Some toasters made from stainless steel interiors and brushed chrome exteriors look very stylish. You can find various online stores selling different styles of toasters.

    If you want your bread or bagel to be perfectly toasted, you will have to look online for ratings and reviews of different kinds of toasters at different price range.

    Technical Specifications of toasters:
    Commonly toasters draw 600 to 1200 watts of power. There are wires inside the toaster made from nickel and chrome mix. When electricity is passed through the toasters, these wires become infrared and radiate heat. The heat generated is directly related to number of wires in the toaster.

    Is it okay to put a toaster oven on top of a microwave?

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    I have limited counter space in my kitchen, and I just bought a really cool toaster oven, but it’s big. It’s too heavy to mount under a cabinet also. Would it be okay to put it on top of the microwave? I know it’s probably not a good idea, but I’m hoping someone will tell me otherwise 😉

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    DeLonghi DO400 1400-Watt Digital Control 4-Slice Toaster Oven reviews.The toast color selector with automatic shut-off allows you to choose settings from light to dark.This is the ideal multi-function family oven. DeLonghi DO400 Digital Toaster Oven lets you make toast, bagels or English muffins just the way you like it! The easy to use digital controls let you bake,toast , broil or keep warm. The user friendly digital controls let you bake, broil, toast of keep your food warm.  Multiple cooking settings with adjustable temperature control let you prepare food simply and conveniently.  The body is black with chrome accents. Oven includes a bake pan and broiling rack.
    DeLonghi DO400 1400-Watt Digital Control 4-Slice Toaster Oven reviews by customers. I found it I love the new toaster. I have tried all the shops together. I am a first time buyer. This is exactly the size I wanted, and the classification of five stars. It is quite toast. I would like to select other settings. Recommended DeLonghi, a friend of mine knows also.Now toaster why.This is the best I ever had. DeLonghi has never been before, but I remember a toaster is rated by Consumer Reports several years ago. This product has been well made, the staff is much better than a toaster, in order to dominate others, even those who pay more.
    This is really used, because I remember that made a toast. I was afraid that the signals, but now I’m producing, I understand that the accusations are ridiculous. 3 Time-member makes a noise, I know that his toast ready.In, including how many times during the day to make toast. Now, do not listen to people who are trying to scare stupid problem with the signal are.
    I do not know why some people complain of cooler operation, talking toast. I prefer my bread lightly toasted and established control after 3, my toast comes out perfectly every time. Digital controls are so easy to use and more accurate than older-commerce buttons. Yes, it has about 3-4 minutes to find the NCS, but to learn to use, that is so simple.
    I have over one years and is without problems. Jet Black is a toaster, small enough to be my accountant, and he has done a good job, and the roasted and fried. What other products .

    Does anyone make a cabinet mounted toaster?

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    We have little counter space and are looking for a toaster oven that mounts under the cabinet so we can free up some room.

    I have searched online at many places and have had no luck. Ideas?

    Where can I find a toaster oven under cabinet mounting bracket?

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    Where can I find a 4 slice toaster that can installed under a cabinet?

    Posted: February 26th, 2010 | Author: | Filed under: Under Cabinet Tips | Tags: , , , , , | 1 Comment »

    I want to replace my parents for them for Christmas and I am having a really hard time finding one. It seems like they only sell toaster ovens. I think they have had this thing since the 70s or 80s.

    Does anyone manufacture “under the cabinet” mounted toaster ovens anymore?

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    Does any one know of a manufacturer who presently manufactures
    under the cabinet mounted toaster ovens? I have a 5 year old black and decker model which mounted under the cabinet but it now needs to be replaced and it seems to be discontinued. I have searched for other brands but no luck. Thanks.